Support the Oil Train Blockaders!

"They accuse us of causing a commotion... we see it as an act of devotion"

We need your support to help pay for the action against oil trains! Many dedicated organizers put lots of work into sending a clear message: no more oil trains will pass through the Columbia Gorge!

Will you show your support by ensuring that organizers will not have to pay out of pocket to make these actions happen, in addition to the work, time, and legal ramifications that they already contribute? 

The funds will support all participants in the action against oil trains.

The blockade is in response to the recent derailment of a unit train of oil (almost 100 cars) in Mosier, OR that caused a massive fire and oil spill. The cause of the derailment was one broken bolt that had slipped past a routine inspection just days before the derailment. No lives were lost in the fire in Mosier, though the close call has galvanized many people and organizations around Oregon and the country to push towards a moratorium on oil trains. The profits of oil companies are not worth the risk to our lives, the land, the water, and the climate.