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    Post Film Wine Reception & Fundraiser

    Tickets are on a sliding scale from $25 - $100, please pay whatever you feel comfortable with. All tickets will get you entry and a free glass of wine.

    Thank you and we'll see you there!


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    Summer Appeal 2018!

    With our mid-year funding drive currently taking place, now is the perfect time to give to 350PDX. Our current work is so essential to addressing the climate crisis and climate justice that the 350PDX Board will match the first $7,500 raised by July 31st!

    350PDX needs your support!

    There are multiple actions being taken:

    • Our work around the Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF) and other climate justice initiatives
    • Fossil Fuel Resistance won’t rest until the Jordan Cove gas terminal is stopped
    • Divest/Reinvest is calling out Chase bank for their role in funding Jordan Cove
    • State Legislature team in gearing up to get the Clean Energy jobs bill passed in Salem
    • Arts, Communications, & Neighborhood teams do all this & more, in fun, creative ways

    Fund the change we need to create in Portland, making our city and our world a safer and more environmentally sound place for everyone. Please give today and help us achieve our goal of $7,500 by July 31st!

    If you would like to mail in your donation, please use the address listed below - checks should be made out to 350PDX. Please be sure to include your contact information so we can properly thank you.

    1820 NE 21st Avenue
    Portland, OR 97212

    If you have any questions about your gift or are interested in discussing different ways to give, please contact us via email or (503) 281-1485.

    350PDX is a 501(C)3 non-profit and all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


  • Mayor Hales & City Council: Take a stand and say sHELL NO to drilling in the Arctic!

    205 signatures

    Mayor Hales and Portland City Council --


    Stand with the people of the Pacific Northwest, Senator Merkley, the Seattle City Council and the Pope by publicly opposing Shell’s plans to drill for oil in the arctic Chukchi Sea.


    The MSV Fennica--an icebreaker ship on charter to Shell--sustained damage on its voyage north and is scheduled for repairs at Vigor Industrial Shipyard in North Portland. The ship is a critical component of Shell’s plans and its presence here is a reminder of Portland’s role in the fossil fuel economy.

    Arctic drilling puts vulnerable ecosystems at risk and will exacerbate climate change. When it’s clear that most reserves of oil, coal and gas need to stay in the ground, only unbridled corporate greed could pursue the insanity of drilling for more oil in such a remote,  dangerous and vulnerable area. At a time when we urgently need to transition to renewable energy, our future depends on everyone--including our elected officials--speaking out.

    While Shell's icebreaker is in Portland, we will shine a bright light on the injustice of Arctic drilling (as well as the rest of the climate crisis) and expose Shell’s arrogant indifference to everything but its corporate profits. We will make it politically and reputationally disastrous for Shell or any corporation which would use the beautiful Northwest as a staging ground for such projects. And most of all we will continue our work to build a mass movement for climate justice and a stable, sustainable planet for us all. Join us!




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    From Seeds to Roots

    $4,708.00 raised
    GOAL: $7,500.00

    from-seed-to-roots-logo.pngYou've helped spread the seeds of climate justice... and now we're rooted sunflowers! 

    350PDX now has an office, meaning we can host interns and volunteers, hold meetings, and grow our movement.  AND - we just hired our first staff member, Mia Reback (if you don't know her yet, you'll LOVE her when you do).

    All this growth means we need to raise money.  We need to raise nearly $3,000 per month to sustain this work. Can you donate today so we can easily meet our goal of $7,500 in July?


    Give Monthly: Click HERE to become a sustaining member of 350PDX.

    Write a Check
    : Please make out to 350PDX and mail to 350PDX, PO Box 5692, Portland, OR 97228.


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