Oil Train Action and Flash Mob

Fossil Fuel Resistance Network ("FERN") was formed in response to the derailment in Mosier on June 3rd. This self-organizing Network seeks to not only address acute issues, like derailments, but also to critique and expose the systemic issues the "too big to fail" fossil fuel industry externalizes on people and the planet as a whole. 

On June 18th, FERN brought together members of our local regions to stand up to the monopoly railway corporations who continually put our communities at risk with callous and unsafe practices, knowing they will not be held accountable. 

On June 23rd Union Pacific resumed oil train traffic through the Gorge despite being found "solely responsible" for the derailment and requests from both Oregon and Washington for a moratorium until further investigation and public input. Communities all along these blast zones are asking for protection from future disasters, and FERN is an organizing body that wants to meet this call. 

Please join us in our next action, where we will tell Union Pacific that their actions are unacceptable and have some silly fun while we're at it! 
*location to be announced*
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July 23, 2016 at 11am - 2pm
Tyler Whitney Turner Masland Dan Kaufman Zack Lange Bill Ritchey Bea Downing Brian Lacy Michael Mintz Vicki Creel Patricia Bellamy Kay Heerspink Courtney Stanton Jordanna Mac Intyre Tori Cole Isabel Rosa Araujo Patty Ingraham Anaïs Tuepker Marilee Dea Judy Perry Saphi Fillups Veronica Thompson Tara Hershberger Bernadette Rodgers Bastet Nova Maxwell Kardiagini Mills Mia Reback Katie Behrendt Ashlyn Ruga Yula Flournoy Mistah Baggins Kelly O'Hanley Jessie Braverman Arnold Schroder Jj Larissa Jessica Magpie Chris Reed Patricia Ingraham Julia Smedley Jan Zuckerman Rod Such Jah Justice Cody Urban Trisha Patterson Deva Sunya Liza Maltsberger Louie Louie Glenna Hayes Mary Lou Haas

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