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    Earth Day Necessity Screening and Panel

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    Thank you for joining us for the fundraiser! Please purchase your presale ticket here.


    Tickets purchased in advance will receive a special raffle incentive!

    Suggested Donation: $5 - $50 Sliding Scale

    (no one turned away for lack of funds)


    The evening will include a panel, Q&A, working film screening, reception with drinks and music.
    We will see you there!


  • Mayor Hales & City Council: Take a stand and say sHELL NO to drilling in the Arctic!

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    Mayor Hales and Portland City Council --


    Stand with the people of the Pacific Northwest, Senator Merkley, the Seattle City Council and the Pope by publicly opposing Shell’s plans to drill for oil in the arctic Chukchi Sea.


    The MSV Fennica--an icebreaker ship on charter to Shell--sustained damage on its voyage north and is scheduled for repairs at Vigor Industrial Shipyard in North Portland. The ship is a critical component of Shell’s plans and its presence here is a reminder of Portland’s role in the fossil fuel economy.

    Arctic drilling puts vulnerable ecosystems at risk and will exacerbate climate change. When it’s clear that most reserves of oil, coal and gas need to stay in the ground, only unbridled corporate greed could pursue the insanity of drilling for more oil in such a remote,  dangerous and vulnerable area. At a time when we urgently need to transition to renewable energy, our future depends on everyone--including our elected officials--speaking out.

    While Shell's icebreaker is in Portland, we will shine a bright light on the injustice of Arctic drilling (as well as the rest of the climate crisis) and expose Shell’s arrogant indifference to everything but its corporate profits. We will make it politically and reputationally disastrous for Shell or any corporation which would use the beautiful Northwest as a staging ground for such projects. And most of all we will continue our work to build a mass movement for climate justice and a stable, sustainable planet for us all. Join us!




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