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    Sign the petition: Oregon Climate Declaration

    Oregon Climate Declaration

    189 signatures

     To: Governor Kate Brown, State Treasurer Ted Wheeler



    The science is clear -- at least 80% of the known reserves of fossil fuels must be left unburned to avoid catastrophic disruption of Earth’s climate. We call on the State of Oregon as well as city, county and other jurisdictions, to

    1. Cease new investment in the 200 companies that own the vast majority of listed fossil-fuel reserves, and divest from ownership of stocks and bonds of these companies.

    2. Stop fossil fuel exports through Oregon to help ensure that we keep fossil fuels in the ground.

    3. Put a price on carbon to reduce emissions and hold polluters accountable.

    4. Invest in locally-based renewable energy and energy efficiency.


    Why is this important?

    We, the people of Oregon, recognize that we face a climate crisis that threatens the well-being of the people and nature of the state we love. The decisions we make today will dictate the quality of our lives and those of all future generations.

    Divestment will help protect our children and grandchildren’s futures as well as our state’s financial portfolio.

    Stopping fossil fuel exports is essential if we are to keep at least 80% of fossil fuels in the ground, avert a climate catastrophe, and ensure that no more communities are put at risk by fossil fuel extraction and transportation.

    Carbon pricing encourages energy efficiency in transportation, businesses and homes.

    Investing in a locally-based renewable energy economy will provide jobs and a strong, equitable economic foundation for Oregon.

    From the Bottle Bill and Land Use Planning to Public Beach Access and the Eight-Hour Work Day, Oregon has been a national leader. We call on Oregon to lead once again on this critical issue. It’s good for the climate, it’s good for the economy, and it’s good for our families.


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